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Breathing systems for machining

Breathing systems for machining


The work carried out in the machining companies is a complex task. In order to be able to execute it, the workshops have the latest and latest machines, currently known as numerical control (CNC) machine tools, which continue to evolve at a rapid pace in an increasingly technological world. During any of the continuous manufacturing processes that take place within any precision machining workshop, the machine tool is continuously in contact with the materials to be worked, eliminating the layers of the part according to the necessary procedure that generates chips and creates heat.

Working in a healthy environment and in a suitable environment is of vital importance for our organism. Much has been said about the damage of jobs where the people who develop them are in constant contact with waste of all kinds.

The environment responds to the environment in which life develops. So essential is that without a clean environment, how could life develop? Faced with the environmental challenge, every machining company must assume its responsibility and know the possibilities that exist to protect and improve it. The ecological ethic that should prevail within each person, is reduced to acting through small gestures full of humility, considerably compromised, that give rise to an example and the reiteration of the same among the millions of people that integrate this planet, to convert these Negligent and unsupportive attitudes, in humanitarian and considered acts.

As we said, a large amount of waste is generated within a precision machining workshop. The type of waste generated must be taken into account. For example, the cooling fluid vaporizes by spraying with other elements.

Without the proper intervention in front of these actions, the greasy haze that is generated, as well as the spoils of the cutting of material; Are transcended to the environment, contaminating everything, and thus affecting the machines themselves that absorb those remains, and also including the lungs of the workers of the machining company.

We are faced with a very sensitive problem. It is true that the continuous modernization and updating of the technology park of precision machining companies has learned from this, and for years it has been perfecting and equipping machines with better breathing and filtration systems.

Today, maintaining many of the breathing systems, is difficult. More in the workshops where they still resist with great effort the conventional machines that do not have the most modern breathing systems and that, therefore, discharges substances and residues in greater proportion that are not collected by these systems of those that enjoy the More modern machinery.

To install, therefore, breathing systems suitable to the space and to the technological park of which we have in our company of machining, is of paramount importance for the quality of the products that we will realize, for the life of our machines and, more transcendental, for the health Of our staff. Debuggers that we must install, not only to clean the environment of our industrial warehouse or workshop, but also to purify it.

Today, almost all the machines that are installed in the work of precision machining, have these breathing equipment, which also offer outstanding advantages in its installation and maintenance, guaranteeing the quality of the service. There is no greater satisfaction than working in an appropriate work environment that supports that performance and effectiveness we seek.

The filters of these machine tools must respond to ecological and non-polluting ethics. At Mecanica Curiel Barcelona, ​​we have always defended this maxim. As a company specializing in machining, our goal and that of all our counterparts, should be to maintain a clean, clean air. As we talked, it responds to the demands of workers’ health, but also to the quality and life expectancy of the machines, the main sufferers of their own emissions. An adequate breathing system allows the heart of the machine to maximize its life and efficiency, which, at the same time, allows the introduction of fully clean air into the working environment.

Ignoring these recommendations from the main government agencies, as well as between the entities and associations that make up the computation of the machining companies, can lead to very large economic losses.

From Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, ​​we wanted to talk today in our blog about this problem that affects us all. Guaranteeing the quality of the products we make is important, but more important is the quality of the people who help us achieve our successes. Check if your breathing systems are adequate and if they cooperate with the environment and get that work environment that we all want.