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CNC machining: The microprocessor


We have been talking a lot on our blog of Mecánica Curiel, CNC machining workshop in Barcelona, ​​on the key and fundamental piece that marks, and will continue to do so for a long time, the future of our work: numerical control tools and machines. Its importance is such that, although we often do not realize it, without its existence, practically nothing would be possible.

As of its functioning and that detachment, which we always like to remember, we have already spoken on previous occasions; Today in the present post, from Mecánica Curiel, we want to stop in an element of vital value, included within these computers that allow us to perform CNC machining: the microprocessor.

The essential elements of any operating computer in a CNC machining system are circuits composed of semiconductors, which most of us also know as chips. Your appearance does not have to be explained, does it? A tiny piece with a set of connecting elements, does it ring you?

The most significant chips, and to which we stop today in this post on CNC machining, are the microprocessor and memory modules for data.

If we start with the smallest part, we have to refer to the memory modules found in these microprocessors of CNC machining machines. These, preserve the data entered by the operator to start the work, or from external devices if a reception is carried out. Thanks to this information in the memory modules, the microprocessor manipulates all these data by performing the necessary operations and calculations dictated by the instructions received, generating new data that the CNC machining machine processes to perform its work and allow the operator Interpret them.

With the passage of time, both microprocessors and memories have evolved and today CNC machining can enjoy great speed, computing power and flexibility to perform their tasks. There are, for example, volatile memories (information disappears when the system is switched off) or permanent (hold data).

CNC machining systems include one or more processors (CPU) and integrated circuits for data storage (memory modules). When the microprocessor (CPU) receives the program data from the memory entered by the operator, it converts those calculations into electronic signals that start and control the CNC machine tool.

The machinery we use in any CNC machining workshop is complex and consists of a variety of elements. Little by little, we will get to know and discover more about them in our blog of Mechanics Curiel. We hope your interaction with us and before any hesitation, suggestion, question … do not hesitate to get in touch with our company. Delighted we will solve your doubts and we will inform you about these pieces that so much we are passionate to the professionals of the CNC machining.