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Company of Machanizados in Tarragona

What do we do?


Today in the blog of Mecánica Curiel we are going to talk about our company, since we are the leaders in the construction and assembly of mechanized in Tarragona, we construct all type of physical and laboratory instruments, precision mechanized, tools, special valvulería and much More, but always using high quality materials and very varied, for example, technical plastics, brass, aluminum alloys, bronzes …

In our more than forty years of experience, we have been able to learn and improve day after day and that is why today we are number one within the machining sector in the Barcelona and Tarragona area.

We make several mechanized devices, which are very useful for other companies to develop their work and can build other products that are necessary in society.

Some of the machining that we built for the area of ​​Tarragona are:


  • Machining in technical plastics.
  • Linear cart.
  • Molds for casting of brass by gravity.
  • Machining of plastic boxes.


In addition to using premium materials, we use the best specialized production processes and we have the most up-to-date technical infrastructure and means to guarantee our machining customers in Tarragona the quality and reliability they deserve.

But we do not settle for our great success in Tarragona and that is why we continue working in the machining sector to maintain all our principles of seriousness, professionalism and commitment that we offer to all our Tarragona customers.

empresa mecanizados tarragona


Our team


In order to help and give them everything they need to our mechanized customers in Tarragona we have some great professionals who are up to all they need since they have a long experience in this sector.

Although a high-level team, they continue to be formed day after day, to improve and catch up on the latest technical advances that come to market.

That is why, thanks to the combination of our equipment and our highest quality materials, today we can boast of being a leading machining company in Tarragona and with a trajectory of more than forty years.