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Machining company: Specialization

 Machining company: Specialization


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Every time, in our society, more importance is given to specialization. And the truth is that it is true that according to which professional careers, even businesses and companies, need people who are solely and exclusively responsible for performing that particular task. Charles Chaplin identified him in «Modern Times» with humor, but reality does not differ so much from fiction. There are cases, and cases. There are times where specialization is needed. Moments in which a doctor needs to know the heart thoroughly and focus on him to be the best cardiologist, or where a lawyer needs to focus his career on a specific right to defend cases. But in other cases, having general knowledge of everything, is even more important. That is what happens in our sector, or more specifically, in our mechanized company, Mecanica Curiel Barcelona. Our company is a family business. A small workshop where all its members take care of all the parts of the business, in a way that avoids misunderstandings and guarantees its clients a quick response. In these cases, and in many other companies of this caliber, specializing is fine, but mastering the globality of the exercise is systematically translated into the differential point that can make this company, and not the rest, stand out and Become the best. Having unique operators and experts in your task can be a beneficiary, but getting your operators to master in general terms each and every process that works in your company is, in the long term, the best investment in product quality, And even, personal that can be done.

Specialization is often spoken of as a key factor in the prosperity of every business today, but too often it is forgotten that controlling all aspects, to a lesser extent, rather than just one in particular, can also be grounds for success. In any company of precision machining, not counting the great work that realizes and saves the CNC machinery, present in all the companies of this nature today; There are machines of all kinds: lathes, milling machines, drills … that need the skill of an operator to give the product the character it needs. Specifically, people who deal with methodically perform the task that machines by numerical control do not finish fine-tuning with the same quality as if they do the professionals of the sector. Having an overview of all the activities and functions that are performed within the company offers added value to these and those who work in them. In our particular case, in Mecanica Curiel, we believe it is vital. Our workers properly carry out a specific task and have set their main specialization, but we try to let everyone know how to do everything: to mechanize, to assemble … That’s great of that the gear to work. To dominate from top to bottom the business deserves to win in quality of product and, also, quality of personal and professional experience. Specialization follows a unique path. Knowing each and every one of the procedures that are performed, if you can, in the company, follows multiple paths and all of them in a more global way. Both ways are viable, but each one must adapt to the business strategy that we want to do to give that plus to our business. As entrepreneurs, and specifically, in a precision machining company like ours, having everything by hand and, above all, being aware of the needs of our customers, is our maximum to guarantee them the advice they deserve and a final product of quality.