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Mecánica Curiel, your machining company in Barcelona, ​​has been manufacturing machining of all kinds for 40 years, and offering our customers top quality results. But the mechanized existed before we decided to found our company of machining in Barcelona, ​​so today we want to tell you a little about the history of the machining processes.

Much has rained since they began to design tools to shape the materials. The different techniques of metal cutting have evolved remarkably to the present day where numerical control machines have been installed to make the task of machining easier. At Mecánica Curiel, your machining company in Barcelona, ​​we have the most advanced technology to achieve the best possible result and meet customer expectations. But let’s continue with the history of machining.

We can say that the first processes of machining go back to the Prehistory and the first materials that were made by material starting, were the stone and the wood. There is archaeological evidence that ancient Egypt already used drilling mechanisms. Later, the processes used for wood in the metals were used, being one of the first machines to cut metals the lathe of pole, invented around the year 1250. Decades later, in the first years of century XV was designed a Belt drive that was operated with a crank. At that time many advances were made and different tools were designed such as the threading machine of Leonardo Da Vinci or the planing machine of Marx Lobsinger in 1550.


However, it is said that the first machine tool to be manufactured was John Wilkinson boring machine in 1774, a boring machine that fed on the energy that produced a hydraulic drive. Later, around 1800, Henry Maudsley fabricated the first screw-cutting lathe in England, which would give way to the first planing machine and the first fi shing machine. In 1842 the first automatic lathe was built, in 1846 a very precise drilling machine, in 1860 the first cylindrical grinding machine, until the year 1861 when the first universal milling machine was manufactured.

In this way and in an unstoppable advance to the machines of today, machining represents an essential part in all the machines manufactured all over the world. Without the process of machining parts, it would not be possible to produce how it is produced today. At Mecánica Curiel, your machining company in Barcelona, ​​we put at your disposal a wide variety of machining that represent the history of machining processes.