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The technique of machining by chip removal is currently widespread in all machining companies in Spain, becoming one of the main processes in the world of machining. This technique consists of pulling material with the machine tool so that the size of the piece circumscribes the final geometry, and the surplus material is started as a chip. The amount of chip obtained varies depending on the type of machining that we want to manufacture, but it can even represent 70-90% of the workpiece.

Advantages of chip-cutting machining

In this type of processes there are many advantages over other machining methods, in the machining companies in Spain, depending on the result we want to obtain, one or another method. Among the great advantages of chip-cutting machining is the fact that the material does not change its microstructure, thus preserving all its mechanical properties, obtaining surface textures that are ideal for the different designs that are manufactured, it is an easily automated process Thanks to its flexibility, requires little preparation time although there is little variety of tools. In Mecánica Curiel, your machining company in Spain, we use this method in many of our pieces, always maintaining the highest quality in all our finishes thanks to the team of professionals who work daily to meet the objectives of efficiency and productivity.

The formation of shavings

We can distinguish three different types of shavings in the companies of machining in Spain, the discontinuous chip that is produced when we mechanize fragile and ductile materials at very low cutting speeds, in this case the cut takes place on the basis of small cuts in the material. Another type of chip is the chip with protrusions or cut with regrowth. In this case, the chip is formed in very ductile materials and very low cutting speeds. When the friction between the tool and the chip is very high, the chip adheres to the tool and begins to slide over the part. And finally, there is the continuous chip, which is formed with a normal cutting rate being the best finish that we can get from the piece to be machined. Depending on the material and the cutting speed, we will get one type of chip or another.