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In Mecánica Curiel we have been working in the manufacture of precision machining in Barcelona for over 40 years, always guaranteeing our customers the best quality in all our finishes. One of the first elements to take into account when we want to obtain precision machining in Barcelona is the fastening of the part without a good fastening, it will not be possible to obtain a good result, and consequently, the resulting part will not fulfill its function . So let’s see what are the tightening mechanisms most used in the manufacture of precision machining in Barcelona.

Clamping mechanisms

The most common are screw grips, grips with cam levers and wedge clamps. In screw tightenings, the bolts usually have the spherical tip with a high bend radius to ensure a greater hold. This type of tightening is the most used in all types of mechanisms since it has many advantages, such as a simple structure, great amplification of the resulting force and reliability in the self-locking. As an inconvenience we would have to be a slow operation in automated production processes.

Another of the clamps used to manufacture precision machining in Barcelona is the tightening with cam levers. In this case, the contact surface of the cam with curvature x and the flat surface intervenes. This system is the fastest and, therefore, the most comfortable to use in the manufacture of large automated series. Normally, a cylindrical cam whose rotation has a variable angle is used.

Finally, we have the clamping mechanism with wedges. This clamping system allows us to manufacture precision machining parts in Barcelona easily and simply. It is widely used in the mass production of parts together with the roller for a greater amplification of the clamping force, which will allow us to hold the piece safely throughout the entire process. In this case, the self-locking function will not be necessary so that wedges with higher angles can be used because continuous clamping mechanisms are activated. In Mecánica Curiel, we are specialists in the manufacture of precision machining in Barcelona and we use different mechanisms of tightening depending on the piece to be machined, always ensuring the highest quality in all our finishes.