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The success of machining

The success of machining

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The buckle of our belt, the bar of the lipstick, that bracelet we like so much, the valve of the boat with which we walk in summer by the coves of the Mediterranean … situations so insignificant, but at the same time, some of them so Everyday, that without thinking about it, have all the effect in the work that is carried out in mechanized companies like Mecanica Curiel Barcelona.

At times, what seems to us more routine responds in reality to works that we would not even imagine. But the truth is that the work in precision machining, although it supplies a very large field of different activities, since almost all the objects we use require, or have required, in their own elaboration of elements elaborated in these companies, does not give for all The companies that are dedicated to it.

The success of machining falls, in this case, on the specialization of machining companies in sectors that are far from what the majority already do. Although we are in front of a business fragment that, for the moment, does not seem to have a specific expiration date, if it is true that we have to work together to achieve that conquest. Dedicating exclusively to a particular branch, it does not help either. A bad time for the business sector that sustains our business, can mean the end of it.

That is why it is most advisable to give strength to less well-known sectors, which require a certain specialization, and not just a specific one, but to cover different fields.

That is what we do in Mecanica Curiel and that serves us, year after year, to be there and continue working.

Although specialization is used in many sectors, precision machining is not the case in general.


The internal politics of each company determines the dedication that it wants to give to this, each company. In addition, but there is another maxim to take into account and is that if there is something that also has to prevail for the success of the mechanized and the people who work in them, is to work enjoying and do a job that we can then feel Proud For this purpose specialization in different fields, to find the point that distinguishes us from our competition and not be within it.

As in all sectors of society we need to update and innovate, reinvent ourselves and look for the distinctive feature that makes us unique.That will be the key to success and getting up in the morning thinking about going to work, not as an obligation, but as something that fills us, completes us and has fun.

At Mecanica Curiel we work with that idea. Our work, after decades of experience, has focused on areas as diverse as electromedicine, jewelry, nautical valves or work pieces for laboratory machining. With this we supply different markets, all essential in the development of our day to day, and we do a different job that we like and pushes us to continue to get involved in them, and to investigate to achieve unique goals that we have already achieved with some of our Exclusive products.

Working on what our competition does not sets us apart from the rest. Any company that values ​​itself seeks to offer a unique product that is different (and better, if possible) from the rest to be taken into account. The success of machining will depend largely on the idea that you want to give the business, but the way to choose, today, is preceded by this maxim: away from the normal, not be in the world of competition and Do it with the conviction that we like to work on it.