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What are CN programs?

What are CN programs?


programas cn

Currently we are not in a moment of uncertainty and a wait to see and the forecasts that predict great expectations in the field of precision machining, flows with less or faster. The truth is that the changes that are undergoing the technology that underlies these procedures, an incredibly dizzying speed, do not even allow the direction assimilated that is taking this technique and the course that follows tomorrow. It is ready evolution has allowed to continue the progress in the best, but once, it has limited the benefit of the technology of the moment when it has arrived, since what today began to learn, tomorrow was outdated and obsolete for its application in companies Of machining, and specifically, in precision machining.

The social changes, both in the economic and political order, have also encouraged the agility of this aspect, since in the industry sector the need to accelerate its adaptation to a world-wide manufacturing, with open markets, A hay that supplies with diligence, and subtract the vanguard of the technology to not stay in this race towards the updating and modernization of the processes that require precision machining.

However, it should not be forgotten that, in addition to all these rapid changes, the hay they do with the guarantees that all this information is absorbed and the application in our workshop in the most appropriate way, so that work on the basis An essential requirement: do not forget to offer our customers the quality factors of the product, which do not have the essential success to keep growing, taking into account a particular level of investment and production capacity that affect.

One of the significant elements within this resurgence has been the automation of processes, and more specifically, this early automation achieved thanks to the CNC (Computer Numerical Control or Computer) tools, which offer many advantages Productive level Its use has allowed the mechanization of very complex pieces. More precise precision machining, which has fueled companies to increase productivity, speed and flexibility of processes.

Numerical control tool (CNC) machines have thus formed a manufacturing technology that has experienced in the last years, and especially in a short time, an accelerated advance and a full incorporation to the productive processes of the sector of Precision machining, gradually shifting to conventional manual machines. But we must not forget either. The improvement in the use of these, along with a knowledge of them and their integration with the CNC programs of numerical control, guarantees effectiveness and, above all, quality, of the products manufactured.

However, it should be borne in mind that the automation allowed by these CNC machines and this integration with the various equipment, have made numerical control (CNC) the backbone of many manufacturing technologies in general, and especially in the Field of precision machining.

In CN programs, the operations for machining the material that will conform the part in the CNC machine tool are set in the CN programs so that the control system can understand.

The CN programs basically consists of instructions. These instructions are converted by the control system into control pulses for the machine tool.

For the use of these CN programs, however much automation it contains, it still requires the prior planning of an operator who knows the operation of a conventional machine tool, in order to process the information that manufactures the part. According to the introduction of this information, the CNC machine required to perform its task, mainly, two types of information: the technological and the geometric; The CN programs will begin with the machining operations.

The operator must carry out the tasks of preparing the machine, monitoring the machining sequences, inspecting, loading, fixing and releasing the parts and replacing worn tools, if required.

Therefore, machining following CN programs requires the attention of a technician to establish previously the machining operations: the conditions of advance, speed of rotation, the correct order and other details that must be stored in CN programs for the later Production of precision machining. Once all this data has been entered into the CN programs of the control system, it can be executed.

Finally, but if there is any other type of operation, or detail, that must be carried out in a different way than the one specified in the CN programs, the conventional machine tools have helped us, personally, to finish finishing the work and achieve that Point of finishing of quality that we look for in all our works in Mechanics Curiel Barcelona.