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A little history

Today in the new entry to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, CNC machining company in Tarragona, we want to talk about the history and origins of the CNC machining, provided that you can know a little better this type of mechanized.

mecanizados cnc tarragonaThe CNC or Computer Numerical Control is a system that controls the speed and position of the motors that drive the axes of the machine and thanks to this CNC machining can make movements that we are not able to do with our hands.

The CNC system was invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was first used in a milling machine, but nowadays its use has already been expanded to other types of machining, such as lathes, grinders, sewing machines and many Other types of CNC machining, which we offer in Mechanics Curiel, Tarragona.

Today, from our company in Tarragona, thanks to CNC machining, we help a multitude of companies in Tarragona, providing them with a much faster production and with better quality, without the need to hire a highly personalized staff.


CNC machining in Curiel Mechanics

Mecánica Curiel, is a Tarragona company dedicated since 1972 to precision assemblies and various machining. We are fortunate to have the best professionals in Tarragona within our sector.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in Tarragona, when using our CNC machining or any of the products we offer.

Today in Mecánica Curiel, Tarragona, we can say proud that this objective is fulfilled day after day, thanks to the quality of our products like CNC machining, and above all the service we offer from the professionalism, seriousness and commitment that Characterize us.

The CNC adapts perfectly to any type of machining, so if you want to obtain a higher quality and speed in the manufacture of your products, in Tarragona, do not hesitate to contact us.Milling Action