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With over 40 years of experience in precision machining services in Barcelona, our extensive experience has enabled us to offer the most complete and quality services in precision machining in Barcelona, applying the latest technology developments in our methodology And CNC machinery, as well as working with the best materials and products, from experts and great professionals with a dedication and exclusive vocation.

In Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, as a specialized precision machining company, we are committed to offering our customers high quality in our products and services, and total confidence in the care and delivery of these, with the security of obtaining a unique final result And exclusive.

The sector of precision machining is a sector that requires the evolution of all the complements that help to continue moving towards increasingly precise machining. That is why we have the latest and most modern CNC machinery in Barcelona, which has so much favored the transformation of precision machining.

Specialization is often spoken of as a key factor in the prosperity of every business today, but too often it is forgotten that controlling all aspects, to a lesser extent, rather than just one specific one, can also be grounds for success. In any company of precision machining, not counting the great work that realizes and saves the CNC machinery, present in all the companies of this nature today; There are machines of all kinds: lathes, milling machines, drills … that need the skill of an operator to give the product the character it needs.

In Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, the work with precision machining symbolizes a very important area of action and of vital necessity, so we have the best and we work in Barcelona with committed professionals, with a wide knowledge and work experience, and with An enormous capacity of delivery to respond and to answer all the needs that you can have, in Barcelona. In Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, we are concerned about satisfying each and every one of our clients, for that reason we highly value the provision of a service of care, totally personalized and exclusive, and a complete advice. In Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, the satisfaction of our client is the ultimate goal to be achieved. In Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, we consider of paramount importance the responsibility to perform a meritorious work, clothed by the characteristics of this machinery for CNC machining.

Having unique operators and experts in your task can be a beneficiary, but getting your operators to master in general terms each and every process that works in your company is, in the long term, the best investment in product quality, And even, personal that can be done. Mechanics Curiel Barcelona offers you the best service at the best price in precision machining.