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Cutting of CNC machining

Welcome another day to the blog of our CNC machining company in Barcelona, in today’s new entry we want to talk about the cutting of CNC machining, both the shear force and friction as well as the temperature they reach.

When we speak of the cutting force, we refer to the necessary force to be exerted to cut and profile a CNC machining part in Barcelona. This force also intervenes in fundamental aspects to obtain an optimum result in the CNC machining, as to increase the temperature of the part and the tool, the wear of the tool, the clamps used for the fastening and the tools …

During the process of CNC machining in Barcelona, the power consumed in the cut of the piece is divided between the different frictions and the plastic deformation of the resulting chip. These jobs are transformed into heat which increases the temperature of the chip of the part and the tool used in the cutting.

mecanizados-cnc-bcnThe tool that we use in the cut, loses resistance as the temperature increases, resulting in greater wear and, therefore, a decrease in its useful life. At the same time, if the part is heated excessively, the properties of the material can be affected or modified making the precision in the CNC machining of Barcelona more difficult, since the part is hot dilated and contracted at room temperature.

The interaction between the part, the tool and the chip resulting from the CNC machining of Barcelona, is equivalent to a whole series of pressures on the tool, in this way, the system of shear forces, friction and the pressure exerted on the part, Allows us to calculate the energy needed to machine the piece depending on the material of the same. This energy is known in Barcelona as specific cutting energy, which translates into the energy we need to remove a specific unit from the volume of the piece.

That is, the lower the cutting speed, the higher the cutting energy, the higher the speed we get to a stable value that remains constant piece by piece.

Finally we are going to talk about the friction force of CNC machining in Barcelona, because when we cut and profiled a part, the pressure exerted is low due to this one of oxide they have, resulting in a weak contact between the Piece and tool, factor to take into account when we want to do a CNC machining in Barcelona, of these characteristics.

Conversely, when the contact between the two surfaces is rough, such as welded parts, the pressure is somewhat higher and hence the frictional force as well.