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Even the smallest part can influence the operation of a machine or a mechanism. When we refer to the mechanization of all these elements, the technology and quality of the machining center is a very determining factor. At Mecánica Curiel, located in Barcelona, ​​we are specialists in precision machining and we work with people specialized in the sector.

Technology is constantly evolving, and is driving manufacturing industries to work in a much more flexible manufacturing environment. This evolution demands greater speed in the development of the projects and the maximum precision in each of its pieces. All this with a clear objective: to avoid delays and extra costs.

What machining company do I choose?

Barcelona is a city full of companies, where competitiveness is the order of the day. At Mecánica Curiel we work with the latest technology, to study all the possible solutions that we can offer our clients. Precision machining companies have to be very precise when making each piece, as it has to have a perfect result, so that it can fit perfectly.

Applied technology for mechanization

Here there are plenty of solutions, more or less economic, and more or less quality. Before starting, you must be very clear about the needs of your company or your specific project: geometry and dimensions of the pieces, number of parts needed, tools (drills, blades, cutters), number of optimum axes for machining, Turns that are capable of performing, etc.

Machining technology can be classified into 3 large groups:

  1. Machining with chip start: The material for the part is ripped or cut with a precision tool, generating waste or chips.
  2. Machining without chip removal. Different processes of metal forming are followed: synthesis, lamination, stamping, casting … It is not an operative option if we look for the best relation between precision and speed of manufacture.
  3. Machining by abrasion or EDM. In this case the removal of surplus material is done by means of a rotating disc or grinding wheel, which rotates at a high cutting speed, releasing small particles. This type of machining obtains great precision but they need great productive times.

At Mecánica Curiel, located in Barcelona, ​​we work with precision mechanics in many sectors. We know that each type of piece needs a special dedication, to get accurate results.