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Laboratory materials

In a chemical laboratory, various materials are used and most of them are made of glass to allow visualization of the liquid or liquids to be measured, although in some cases they are used in transparent plastic, either for their low price or to avoid Reaction between the liquid and the glass, but it should be noted that, in general, they have a lower accuracy. Among the objectives of Mecánica Curiel is the creation of exclusive devices for use in the laboratory, vital for the further development of other services indisputable for use in society.

In Mecánica Curiel we work in the construction of these apparatuses from high quality materials such as construction steel, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, brass, bronzes and technical plastics. Our products are always subjected to rigorous quality control, using the latest guarantee tools with the continuous improvement of their equipment, facilities and staff training. We make every project for each client with seriousness, professionalism and commitment.

Recycling in electromedicine

At Mecánica Curiel, a company in Barcelona dedicated since 1972 to the manufacture of various machining and precision assemblies, we consider the importance of the responsibility for the use of our products and services, as well as the possible effects they may generate in the course of Their life expectancy on the people who use them, and their impact on the environment. Although the concrete impact of the elements that may form the entire medical instrument is not solely and exclusively a dependency of a single company, all machining companies that dedicate their efforts in manufacturing resources for laboratories applied in this field should work with Sufficient experience to advise its clients on the risks involved in canceling these pieces.

If the teams are still useful, there is the possibility of sending them to countries with few medical resources, where legislation allows this use. If they do not work, recycling is the optimal choice and most beneficial to all parties. This guarantees the use of raw materials, some of which are scarce and difficult to process. The saving of natural resources, and the proper management of these wastes to minimize their impact on the environment. Of each electro medicine device, it can be used up to 96%.

In Mecánica Curiel we want to operate with the commitment and responsibility that guarantee us, and with the guarantee of the good quality of our products and services, but we must not forget that we are all part of this world, which we must care for and respect for Future generations. Misappropriations of resources that can cause harm to our society are an avoidable price to pay if we work diligently.