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The precision machining process comprises a set of part forming operations, by removal of material, either by chip removal or by abrasion. The processes of precision machining, by chip picking, are very widespread in the industry of Barcelona. In these processes of precision machining, the size of the original piece circumscribes the final geometry and the surplus material is torn out, in the form of chips. The manufacture of precision machining by chip picking is a machining process, which consists of separating the material from a pre-fabricated part, usually by casting, forging, rolling or powder metallurgy. Barcelona is a city full of shops and large facilities that require specific parts such as precision machining to get exact parts for places with very specific measures.


The advantages of this type of precision machining processes:

  • A high dimensional accuracy is achieved in their operations They can perform a wide variety of shapes
  • It does not change the microstructure of the material so it retains its mechanical properties
    Appropriate surface textures are obtained for the different designs
  • They are easy to automate processes being very flexible
  • Requires little preparation time

Precision machining by chip removal:

The material is torn off or cut with a tool, resulting in a waste or chip. The tool generally consists of one or several cutting edges or blades that separate the chip from the part in each pass. In the machining by chip removal processes of thinning (elimination of much material with little precision, intermediate process) and of finishing (elimination of little material with much precision, final process) are given. Precision mechanics are one of the requirements for many companies and factories in Barcelona to achieve professional installations and adapted to the current regulations.

Precision machining by abrasion:

Abrasion is the removal of material by wearing the part in small quantities, releasing particles of material, in many cases, incandescent. This process is performed by the action of a characteristic tool, the grinding wheel. In this case, the tool is formed by particles of very hard abrasive material, joined by a binder. This way of removing material by scratching the surface of the workpiece requires less force to remove material by pressing the tool against the workpiece, so that much thinner passes can be made. The accuracy that can be obtained by abrasion and the surface finish can be very good, but the productive times are very long. Precision machining is done by a tool, manual, semi-automatic or automatic, but the machining effort is made by a mechanical equipment, with the necessary motors and mechanisms. Machining by abrasion, EDM and special procedures, controlling the products obtained and being responsible for the first level maintenance of machines and equipment, with criteria of quality, safety and respect for the environment. From Montcada and Reixac, Barcelona, ​​at Mecánica Curiel we have carried out a process of development specialized in the activities related to the field that we supply, with a working group formed by innovative professionals of the environment, with wide practice and experience, adaptability , And a huge commitment and commitment; Specializing and resorting to constant updating of production processes in response to the needs and demands of the market. Precision machining are highly perfected pieces, which are increasingly demanded by our customers in Barcelona.

The company Mecánica Curiel, in Barcelona, specializes in precision machining. This wide range of precision machining has enabled us to be one of the benchmarks of the field in the entire province of Barcelona, in the construction of all kinds of physical, laboratory, mechanical instruments for visimetry, mechanics for electromedicine, Small machinery in general, special valving, tools, prototypes and precision machining, using first class materials.