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In Mecánica Curiel Barcelona we perform precision machining with different processes, thinning (removal of much material with little precision, intermediate process) and finishing (removal of very little material with a lot of precision, final process). There is also a material starting process, involving two movements, the cutting movement, by which the tool cuts the material, and the advancing movement, by which the tool finds new cutting material.

Precision machining is a fundamental element for us. At Mecánica Curiel Barcelona we are professionals in the sector and we work every day to achieve accurate and meticulous results in precision machining. Each of these two movements can be made by the workpiece or the tool according to the type of machining and is performed by a machine tool, manual, semiautomatic or automatic, in which the machining effort is performed by a mechanical equipment, with the motors And necessary mechanisms.

Our company is characterized by an innovative policy in precision machining, adapting us to the current times. The high competition and the current situation of the market impels us, every day, to overcome us in our work. Precision machining is a manufacturing process comprising a set of workpiece forming operations, by removing material, either by chip removal or by abrasion.


All metal parts, except castings, at some point in their manufacture have been subjected to at least one metal forming operation, and several different operations are often required. Thus, the steel used in the manufacture of pipes for the construction of chairs is forged, hot rolled several times, cold rolled into sheet metal, cut into strips, cold tubular form, Is welded, welded and sometimes stretched in cold. This, apart from all the subsidiary treatments.

In Mechanics Curiel Barcelona, ​​we are specialized in precision machining. This wide range of precision machining has enabled us to be one of the benchmarks of the field in the entire province of Barcelona, ​​in the construction of all kinds of physical, laboratory, mechanical instruments for visimetry, mechanics for electromedicine, Small machinery in general, special valving, tools, prototypes and precision machining, using first class materials.

At Mecánica Curiel, located in Barcelona, ​​we work with precision mechanics in many sectors. We know that each type of piece needs a special dedication, to get accurate results.