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Types of machining

Machining of plastic

Welcome to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your machining company in Barcelona, ​​today we are going to talk about the machining of plastic, and its advantages and disadvantages with regard to metal machining.

In our machining company in Barcelona, ​​plastic machining is only a small percentage of all our products, since they are not so much demanded.

Plastic machining is used for economic reasons as it is cheaper but can also be used for technical and space reasons.


¿Plastic or metal?

The main advantages of plastic with regard to metal, which we differentiate in our company of machining in Barcelona, ​​is its low density and the great chemical resistance that it has, being thus a type of machining very resistant to the corrosion, and not only this, but Also have a great absorption of vibrations and noise.

But in our company of machining in Barcelona, ​​we also believe that we must know the disadvantages of plastic, with respect to metal, such as the useful life of plastic machining is less than metal machining and is easier to dilate and it gets hot.

Problems of plastic and its solutions

empresa-mecanizados-bcnIn the mechanization company, Mecánica Curiel,, Barcelona, ​​we know the problems that can lead to a machining of plastic, but we are going to give you some small tips to avoid them.

A great problem of the plastic machining in Barcelona are the cracks and the deformations, which we can avoid fixing the machining well from the beginning.

Another very common problem that we have observed from our company of machining in Barcelona is the rupture and the dilatations, due to the great thermal heating, that is why it is very important that we watch that our plastic machining does not get too hot, we can get it using some type Of energy refrigerant.

Si necesitas algún tipo de mecanizado ya sea de plástico o de metal, o si tienes cualquier duda sobre los mecanizados, no te lo pienses más y ponte en contacto con Mecánica Curiel, tu empresa de mecanizados de confianza en Barcelona.

If you need some kind of machining of either plastic or metal, or if you have any questions about machining, do not hesitate and get in touch with Mecánica Curiel, your trusted machining company in Barcelona.