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The valve

According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, a valve is a mechanism that regulates the flow of communication between two parts of a machine or system. However, the following three meanings refer to the mechanism that lets a fluid pass in one direction and prevents it in the opposite. It could be defined as a mechanical device with which the circulation of liquids or gases can be started, stopped or regulated by means of a movable part that opens, closes or partially obstructs one or more holes or ducts.

In Curiel Mechanics, the valve is one of the most essential control instruments in the industry. Due to their design and materials, valves can open and close, connect and disconnect, regulate, modulate or isolate a huge array of liquids and gases, from the simplest to the most corrosive or toxic. Some installations require absolute sealing; In others, leaks or run-offs do not matter.

Dedicated to the elaboration of all type of physical, laboratory, mechanical instruments for viscosimetry and electromedicine, small machinery in general, special valving, tools, prototypes and precision machining, in Curiel Mechanics we work in the construction of these apparatuses from materials Such as steel construction, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, brass, bronzes and technical plastics.

Special Valves

Another of the products that we promote from Mecánica Curiel, and that we work is the special valvulería, a process of development based on the specialization of the activities related to the nautical. In addition to the development of high quality products and services, our work focuses on offering our clients the best technical advice.

Our products in special valves are manufactured through specialized production processes, at the hands of a demanding staff through the latest and most updated technical means and infrastructures, which demands the current market situation.