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Welcome to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, a Tarragona company, leader in the construction of all types of machining, but especially dedicated to the valving, offering in all our products a maximum quality.

A valve is a mechanical device used to regulate, start and stop the passage of gases or liquids using a piece that moves, closing and opening the ducts through which the gases or liquids that we want to control pass.

The valve and its control is fundamental in an installation, because thanks to the valves we can control the flows and flows that are necessary.

From Mecánica Curiel, Tarragona, we offer very advanced technological products and very robust, where we guarantee a maximum reliability and technical performance.

At the time of building our valves, we use different materials such as stainless steel, brass, technical plastic and bronze among many others, but always with the best quality that you can offer a company dedicated to valves.

In Mechanics Curiel, Tarragona, we adapt to all our clients and offer them the type of valve they need, but if we are really specialized, it is in the nautical valvulería.

But in Mechanics Curiel, Tarragona, we not only offer you a high quality product and service, but also offer our clients the best technical advice.


Types of valves

Within the wide range of valves, there are different types, which can be classified according to different criteria, such as the way in which the valve plug is moved, the physical conditions of the fluid, the process of Manufacturing or as we are going to explain today in our blog of Mechanics Curiel, Tarragona, according to the functionality that has the valve.

Depending on the function we want to give our valve we can differentiate five different types of valves:

  • Control: Which are used to regulate the flow and pressure.
  • Valve for the protection of overpressures.
  • Closing over fluid velocity: This type of valves are widely used when a pipe is broken.
  • Check valve or anti-return valve: Sire to prevent fluid from flowing backwards.
  • Open / close service: Allows to let or not pass the fluid for which we are using the valve.

If you need any type of valves or any other mechanized product do not hesitate to contact Mecánica Curiel, Tarragona, a leading company in machining and valving for more than 40 years. We will give you a totally personalized service and we will advise you in everything you need, we are waiting for you at Mecánica Curiel, Tarragona.