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CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process especially suited for prototyping, shape and fit testing, guide and accessory templates, and functional components for finished products. The parts are manufactured with milling and turning processes at high speed in more than 30 metallic materials and plastics suitable for engineering. Mecánica Curiel machining company manufactures its own products through the best specialized production processes, at the hands of a demanding staff through the latest and most updated technical means and infrastructures that demands the current situation of the market of precision tools, guaranteeing our Customers the confidence and security of a professional team that dominates precision machining with CNC machinery suitable for the realization of such instruments.


Types of machines that work with CNC

  • Millers: Machines that automatically cut materials, including metals, using a cutting spindle, which can be moved in different positions and depths depending on the instructions sent by the computer.
  • Lathes: Used as automated tools that rotate to shape the material. Typically, these types of machines are used to make cuts with great detail in symmetrical pieces, as the case of the cones and the cylinders. They are used very frequently in the metal-mechanical industry.
  • Grinders: They are machines that use robust abrasive discs with the intention of performing machining by abrasion in materials such as metal or plastic to obtain the desired shape. Because they are easy to program machines, they are generally used for projects that do not require the same precision as milling machines or lathes. In addition to these machines, also CNC hayrouters, which in this case are used to make cuts in a wide variety of materials; As well as programmable 3D computer printers. This technology can also be used with different types of cutters, including those that work with pressure water jets, laser beams and plasma.

CNC machining helps the wind, rail, aeronautics or hydroelectric industry

A large number of industrial numerical control machines today are connected to a computer network, so they receive all operating instructions and tools through a software file. Due to this automated process achieved through the CNC, the applications extend to a large number of segments in different industries such as aeronautics, wind, hydro or railway. Even in many industries they use machining centers where they combine in the same machine, milling, turning and grinding operations. Of course, the CNC is also used to meet the requirements of roughing, semi-finishing and finishing of parts using multiple heads with automatic changeover.

Mecánica Curiel’s main activity is the machining of precision parts for the following sectors: aeronautical, wind, gas, refractory, machine tool and naval, our diversity of machines allows us to face the machining of virtually any type of component and material adapting to The needs of our customers and guaranteeing the delivery times.