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Everything we need to know about machining

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your mechanized company in Barcelona. In this new entry today we will talk about everything that is basic to know about the machining process, that is, what we do in our company in Barcelona.

To begin with, the process of machining in Barcelona is defined as a set of operations necessary to modify the characteristics of the raw material. These characteristics may be of a very varied nature such as shape, size or aesthetics.

Different types of machining

  • Machining by chip removal: In this process that we know in our company of machining in Barcelona, ​​the material is torn or cut with a tool, resulting in a waste or chip. This tool consists of one or several blades or blades that separate the chip from the part in each pass. In this machining processes of roughing and finishing are given.
  • Abrasion Machining: Abrasion machining is the removal of material by wearing the part in small amounts, releasing particles of material, in many cases, incandescent. This process is also known by our machining company in Barcelona. In addition, this machining is performed by the action of an electric or pneumatic tool called emery and of course the grinding wheel.
  • Manual machining: This machining is done by a person with exclusively manual tools such as a saw, file, chisel, etc. In this case, our mechanized company in Barcelona knows that this work is more skill and strength on the part of the employee.
  • Machining with machine tools: As already said before our company of machining of Barcelona, ​​the machining is done by means of a machine tool, either manual, semiautomatic or automatic. In this way, the effort or the action of machining is carried out by means of a mechanical equipment, with the necessary motors and mechanisms.

From our company of machining of Barcelona we hope to have clarified a little more the complex process of machining and its different types.