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Machining company in Barcelona

Our company is dedicated to the manufacture and construction of precision machining and assembly in Barcelona since 1972. The quality of our services combined with the latest technology and specialized attention have earned us the trust of our customers throughout all these years .

In our company of mechanized of Barcelona you will be able to find the best professionals highly qualified in the sector to guarantee, thus, the perfection of all our products.

We are a mechanized company of Barcelona serious, professional and committed to reach the final goal that our client can ask us. For this, we have the latest technology of efficient machinery and materials of the highest quality.

All our clients will be advised by specialists in the sector and will receive a totally personalized service, in order to carry out each work to perfection.

In addition, our company always has the latest technology in all our precision machining and assembly services.

Our services

  • Control and testing tools: In our machining company in Barcelona we work daily to continue improving and updating all our products of control and testing tools to the needs of the market.
  • Dispensers: One of the parts that we more power and work in our company of mechanized of Barcelona, ​​are the dispensers.
  • Laboratory equipment: In our company of mechanized of Barcelona we offer exclusive apparatuses for its use in the laboratory, whose apparatuses are of vital importance for the later development of other services.
  • Special Valves: Another of the products that we promote and work in our company of mechanized of Barcelona, ​​is the special valves, this, is composed of a process of development based on the specialization of the activities related to the nautical.
  • Viscosimetry: In our company of machining of Barcelona, ​​one of the fields that we potentiate is this, the viscosimetry.
  • Various machining: In addition to the specialization of each of the previous sections, in our machining company in Barcelona, ​​we can find the manufacture of various machining equipment useful for different sectors of vital importance.