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Machining with machine tools

Welcome one more day to the blog of your company of mechanized of Barcelona, ​​in the new entry of today we will talk about a type of machining, more specifically, the machining with machine tool.

This machining of Barcelona companies is done by means of a machine tool, which can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

Classic Machining Tools

  • Drill: In our company of machining of Barcelona we know that the piece is fixed on the table of the drill, the drill performs the movement of rotary cut and of linear advance, realizing the machining in Barcelona of a hole or drill theoretically of the same diameter that the Drill bit and the desired depth.
  • Lathe: The lathe is the most widespread machine tool, these are in the industry of a more general. For the machining in Barcelona, ​​the piece is fixed on the turntable, which performs cutting motion by rotating on its axis, the blade performs the forward movement by eliminating the material in the precious places.
  • Milling machine: Our machining company in Barcelona knows that in the milling machine the cutting movement is made by the tool, rotating on its axis, the movement of the work has the part, fixed on the table of the milling machine that makes this movement.
  • Limber: This machine tool performs the machining with a blade mounted on the tool holder of the ram, which performs a linear cutting motion, on a fixed piece of the table, which, as our machining company in Barcelona knows, has perpendicular To the cutting motion.
  • Mortiser: Our machining company in Barcelona knows that it is a machine that pulls material linearly from the inside of a hole. The cutting movement of the machining is carried out by the tool and the advance of the table where the workpiece is to be machined.
  • Grinding machine: It has a sliding table on which the piece is fixed and that makes the cutting movement sliding longitudinally, the grinding wheel mounted on a bridge on the table moves transversely in the forward movement.
  • Broaching machine: Our machining company in Barcelona knows that in this machine, the cutting movement is carried out by a multi-edged brush tool that will rip material from the part with a linear movement.
  • Boring machine: It is basically used for the machining in Barcelona companies of holes of cubic pieces when it is necessary that these holes have a very narrow tolerance and a quality of machining