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CNC lathe maintenance

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, our CNC machining company in Barcelona. At today’s entry we will show you the steps to follow for preventive maintenance of your CNC lathe machine.

The machining of companies is done by means of a machine tool, as is the machining by CNC lathe. The CNC lathe is a tool for machining operated by a computer. The CNC lathes of our machining company are very versatile as they perform drilling and turning functions.

For our company to have a prolonged use of the CNC machinery, we follow a maintenance so that they do not appear machining problems, or at least, appear as late as possible.



  • Check coolant level
  • Check the level of the track lubricant tank
  • Clean the chips on the track and inner pan covers
  • Clean turret chip cover, extension tube and rotary joint. Make sure that the cover of the drive tube is installed either on the rotating joint or on the open part of the hydraulic clamping plate.


  • Check proper drain operation on filter regulator
  • Check the pressure gauge or air regulator at 85 psi.
  • Clean exterior surfaces with a mild cleaner, but never use solvents
  • Clean the chips out of the tray or tank in the coolant tank.


  • Inspect proper track cover operation and lubricate with light oil if necessary.
  • Remove the pump from the coolant tank and clean any sediment or debris from the inside of the tank. Reinstall the tank last, it is important to be careful when you disconnect the pump from the refrigerant, turn the control off and disconnect the power from the machine.
  • Drain the oil drain pan
  • Check the oil level in the gearbox. If the oil is not visible on the bottom edge of the indicator, remove the end panel and add through the top hole of the filter until the oil is visible on the indicator screen.


  • Change the coolant liquid and clean the coolant tank properly.
  • Change the hydraulic unit of the oil filter.
  • Check for cracks in all hoses and in the lubrication line.


  • Change the transmission oil or gearbox
  • With the air pressure off, disassemble and clean the small filter at the end of the lubricator.
  • Check the oil filter and clean the debris on the bottom of the filter.

In this way we maintain the state of the CNC lathes in our company for its correct machining.