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CNC machining and 3D printing

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, ​​in the new entry today, we bring you a very new topic, since as you know, today we are living a great digital transformation, in which all companies in Barcelona, ​​have To continually renew their methods and production processes.

Undoubtedly, 3D printers have a major role in this great revolution and we hear about them everywhere, but there are other digital manufacturing processes, which we do not hear so often but are the same or more Such as CNC machining.

CNC machining is a key part of enabling industries in Barcelona and around the world to grow and produce faster and with higher quality, since CNC machining has automated software with numerical control.

With the use of 3D printers in Barcelona, ​​an object is created through the accumulation of layers, instead with the CNC machining it is the opposite since it makes cuts of high quality to create the piece that is required.

3D printing goes very well to create very complex and personalized designs, but they have their drawbacks, both economical and physical, as it has a high price and a size limit.

This is where CNC machining benefits in Barcelona, ​​as it is capable of producing large quantities of a very precise piece, in a faster and without limitations.

But it is not necessary to face and compete 3D printers and CNC machining, since they can also be used at the same time, complementing one process with the other, and in this way to create very complex designs.

If you are from Barcelona or its surroundings, and you want to know more about the wonderful world of CNC machining, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. At Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, ​​we have genuine professionals from the CNC machining sector, who will have no problem advising you, thanks to their great knowledge and long experience. We are waiting for you at Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, ​​your reliable CNC machining company.