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Cutting speed in CNC machining

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your reliable CNC machining company in Barcelona. In today’s entry we want to tell you about the cutting speed suitable for cutting in your CNC machining center.

The cutting speed in the CNC machinery has a combined twisting movement with one of displacement. The combination of both movements are those that give rise to the shaving of chips when along its movement comes into contact with the material.
The chip that we extract from the material has two functions, the first is to create groove to allow us to separate one piece from the other, and the other function is to cool the tool.

While cutting a material machined by CNC in Barcelona, ​​it generates a friction and a thermal change. As the tool progressed, we were able to tear off the pieces of material, the chips. Any excess temperature in the tool can cause breakage, expansion or malfunction. It must be ensured in each CNC machining that the tool used is suitable for the material to be machined.

The load factor per chip (Cx) of each material will depend on its density and be more or less high. There are tables that tell us what level of progress we can afford in each material.

If you want to perform deeper passes, what is produced is a larger chip, so that, in order to maintain the established load on the formula that belongs to the material being machined, what must be done is to reduce the speed of advance.

Another thing to keep in mind is the vibration. When metal materials such as aluminum or brass are to be cut, it is very important that the material is perfectly held, since the vibration of the material during cutting implies that the material is not being cut uniformly but that it will be biting Stable, the material will overheat and will eventually break.

Excessive cutting speed

Excessive cutting speed can lead to the following situations:

  • Very fast wear of the cutting edge of the tool
  • Cutting edge plastic deformation with loss of machining tolerance
  • Poor machining quality.

Cutting speed too low

Cutting speed too low can lead to the following situations:

  • Formation of cutting edge of the tool
  • Negative effect on chip evacuation
  • Low productivity
  • High machining costs

The cutting speed is directly proportional to the hardness of the tool material, and inversely proportional to the hardness of the material to be machined.
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