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Forms of CNC programming

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your mechanized company in Barcelona. In the new entry today we are going to talk about the different forms that there are of CNC programming.

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is an automation system for machine tools that are operated by commands programmed in a storage medium, compared to manual control by means of handwheels or levers. That is to say, it allows the programming of a machine so that it can carry out tasks continuously, through remote CNC programming through a computer-aided software.

From Mechanical Curiel Barcelona, ​​we want to differentiate the programming of CNC machining in two types.

CNC programming on the machine panel

CNC machining can be programmed directly on the machine panel. This CNC programming is performed by the operator in charge of that specific CNC machine. This type of CNC programming, , it is common to see them in the following cases:

  • CNC programming in the machine panel is often used when companies have just incorporated CNC technology into their machining processes.
  • It is a programming used in the cases of simple pieces, since it is a mechanization CNC of short series.
  • In companies or workshops that do not have the necessary structure for CNC programming.
  • In case the CNC programming is mechanized together with traditional systems.

Computer-aided CNC programming

The programming of computerized CNC machining develops the design of the piece to be machined by means of the language of each type of numerical control. This CNC programming was developed with the help of CAD-CAM. The information is passed to the machine through devices or transfer cables. Cases where computer-aided CNC programming is used:

  • This type of programming is used to perform CNC machining of more complicated parts with extensive CNC programs.
  • In the companies or workshops where there is many CNC machine technology, since it is possible to create a network between the different CNC machining machinery.
  • When a large series of parts are required to be machined, computer-aided CNC programming is used for machining.
  • This type of programming for CNC machining, is used to develop programs quickly.
  • When working with a large number of programs that require continual modifications.

At Mecánica Curiel Barcelona we master precision machining with CNC machinery, guaranteeing our customers the confidence and safety of a professional team. We want our customers to be satisfied with their product, which is why we continue to work daily to maintain the principles of seriousness, commitment and professionalism that we defend to achieve our task in this sector of precision machining and assembly in Barcelona.