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Our CNC machining company

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your CNC machining company. In the new entry today we will talk about the history of CNC machining, that is, we will discover its origin.

To begin with, we must know that machining is a process by which machining of parts is made with the help of computers that control the machine tools. In our company we use CNC machining, that is, machining by numerical control by computer. This CNC technology can be applied to a wide range of operations such as processing, assembly, inspection, etc.

Our company knows that numerical control is used more frequently in the different processes of metal or aluminum machining such as turning, drilling or milling. As a consequence of the configuration, the machining operations allow to manufacture at an accelerated pace, resulting in a bulk manufacturing that is also much more economical and much more precise.

The machines that are most used for CNC machining and that we know perfectly in our company are milling machines, lathes and grinding machines.

History of CNC machining

Our company knows CNC machining perfectly, therefore, we know that the CNC arose from the work done by the American engineer John T. Parsons in 1940. At the end of that year, Parsons conceived the use of perforated cards As a position coordinate system for controlling a machine tool.

This controlled machine moved in small increments and was able to generate the desired finish. By the year 1948, Parsons demonstrated this concept to the United States Air Force, and these later sponsored a series of projects at Massachusetts Institute of Technology labs.

After much research, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was able to create the first prototype of a CNC machine in 1952. For the next year, they were able to demonstrate the possible applications of Computer Numerical Control, ie CNC. Soon, machine tool manufacturers began to introduce commercial CNC units, while research continued at the Institute, so that they discovered the automatic programming tools, which could be used for the programming of numerical control machines .


The main objective was to provide the programmer with the means by which the machining instructions could be communicated to the machine tools in a much easier way.

In this way was created the process we use in our company and we call CNC machining.