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Precision machining: Laser cutting

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your precision machining company in Barcelona. In the new entry today we are going to talk about the laser cutting so that you know better the different cuts used in precision machining.

Laser cutting is a form of technology that uses an optical device for cutting materials. It is a type of cut that is used for industrial manufacturing applications in its processes of precision machining of companies in Barcelona. It is an unconventional process that allows to obtain cuts in the different precision machining.

The cutting process in precision machining consists of directing the laser beam at the point of the material to be treated, so that this material melts and evaporates, thus achieving cutting. The laser beam, with a certain power coming from the generator and the conduction system reaches the head, in this there is an optical group that is in charge of focusing the laser beam with the diameter determined on the point of the material to be cut. The cutting process in precision machining requires an assist gas.

Types of laser cutting

The different cutting types in precision machining in Barcelona leave a very fine finish of high quality on surfaces.

  • Cut by laser sublimation. The intensity of the laser beam causes the material to vaporize. When this laser cut is used an inert gas is used in turn to cut, which causes the material to be ejected and the groove to be cut.
  • Cut by laser fusion. The material of the part manufactured by the various precision machining is fused by the laser beam and is expelled through the nitrogen, thus generating the cutting groove. Nitrogen is injected into the nozzle at high pressure and upon leaving it by a small overture, it becomes a jet of high kinetic energy producing clean metallurgical cuts.
  • Cut by burning laser. In this case, the laser beam warms the material to its ignition temperature and the material is burned with an oxygen jet, the cutting gas used in this type of cut, generating an exothermic reaction. The material remains are expelled by means of the cutting gas and the cutting groove is obtained.

Precision laser machining has the great advantage that it can cut almost any type of material regardless of its hardness or precision machining process. If you want to know more about precision machining do not hesitate to contact Mecánica Curiel, your specialized mechanized company in Barcelona.