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Surface treatment of metals

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your precision machining company in Barcelona. In today’s new entry we will see the most frequent surface treatments or finishes that metal parts carry.

The surface treatments or finishes of the metals are treatments that are made to the pieces of metal that will make them protect those pieces and their precision machining of rust and corrosions. In many cases precision machining processes need these treatments since they tend to rust and it is convenient to protect the metal parts to avoid it.

From Mecánica Curiel we will see the most frequent treatments used in the precision machining of our company in Barcelona.

Zinc plated

This treatment or finish covers the metal part for protection of oxidation and corrosion. It is a type of surface treatment that improves the visual appearance of the piece, it is a finish that beautifies.

There is the normal zinc, the black zinc, the bi-chromated zinc and the olive green zinc.

Chrome plated

Chromium is a treatment based on electrolysis where a layer of metallic chromium is deposited on the metal parts, although it is also a treatment or finish for plastics. This type of treatment is used to protect the parts from corrosion, to improve their appearance and their performance

The shiny chrome is used to improve the appearance of some objects and give beautification.

Nickel plated

It is a metallic coating of nickel, made by electrolysis that is given to metals to increase their resistance in terms of oxidation and corrosion.

There is the matt nickel and the shiny nickel plating.


It is a treatment that is applied on a surface layer of oxide that opens and covers the steel parts to improve their appearance and prevent corrosion.

There are two methods of pavonado, acid and alkaline.


It is a treatment made by an electrochemical process that is based on covering one metal with another. Its function is to protect the surface of the metal on which the process was carried out.

It is also a treatment used for decorative pieces such as buckles, key chains or jewelry.


It can only be made in aluminum and it is an electrochemical process that improves the aesthetic finish and of the mechanical properties.

Anticorrosive paint

The anticorrosion paint fulfills the function of inhibiting the oxidation of the material, in addition to providing a surface with the necessary conditions to later be treated with other finishes.

The surface treatments or finishes of metal parts are always applied depending on the desired purposes for the part machined by precision machining. Our company of Barcelona, ​​Mecánica Curiel, is formed by professionals specialized in precision mechanization and in the specialization of each one of the fields that we work.