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The machining process

In today’s new article from the blog of mechanical curiel, your CNC machining company trusted in Barcelona, ​​we want to talk about how the machining process works, and in particular what are the main techniques used.

But to begin with, it is important that we know exactly what a machining is. Well, a machining, is the procedure that is used to remove the material from any piece of work, ie build a piece that serves to eliminate the pieces that are not necessary in order to obtain better results, and this is what Which we dedicate in our CNC machining company in Barcelona, ​​to manufacture and build machining, namely CNC machining.

Machining in Barcelona is usually composed of different processes:

  • Cutting: Cutting of machining can involve a particular point or several points.
  • Traditional machining processes: Here we can find three different ones, which are: Turning, grinding and drilling.
  • Processes of non-traditional machining: Here we can find three other types, which are the most used by our company in Barcelona and are: EDM, CNC machining and waterjet cutting.

CNC machining in Barcelona

We want to focus on the CNC machining system, since in our company in Barcelona, ​​we are specialists in the creation of this type of machining, in order to help other companies in Barcelona to meet their objectives.

A CNC machining center is a tool with which you can perform several operations at once, with the minimum intervention of a human being, but not only that, but apart from saving time and money, the parts will be much more precise , Than using other types of methods, such as lathes or milling machines.

Thanks to this, the use of CNC machining in Barcelona, ​​has increased considerably, since, Who does not want the work of your company is much faster, more price and at a better price?

In Mecánica Curiel, we are a leading company in the province of Barcelona and its surroundings, within the CNC machining sector. This is due to the long experience of more than forty years, which we have in our company in Barcelona, ​​and we can also be proud of the technical staff we have at Mecánica Curiel Barcelona, ​​as they work day after day to achieve their main objective : Perform quality work, provided that all customers are satisfied.