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Types of CNC machinery

Welcome one more day to the blog of Mecánica Curiel, your mechanized company in Barcelona. At today’s entry we are going to talk about the different machines that work with a CNC machining.

Our Barcelona company uses CNC machining to manufacture and assemble all kinds of parts. Mainly CNC machining is used in metals or aluminum, such as turning, drilling or milling.

Numerical control (CNC) machines use a code called G-Code. This code is used to program the machine and thus contains the information necessary to perform the part, such as the position by which the machine has to be split, so that this code tells the machine where to place the tool exactly Perform the machining.

CNC-operated machinery

The CNC machines we have in our company are milling machines, lathes and grinding machines.

  • Milling machines are a type of machines that automatically cut materials. To cut use different techniques such as the thread spindle, which moves according to instructions sent from the computer.
  • Lathes are used as automated tools that rotate to give the desired shape to the material. Lathes are often used to make very precise cuts on symmetrical parts. This CNC machining is widely used in the metal-mechanical industry.
  • Grinding machines use abrasive discs to perform abrasion machining on materials, such as metals or plastics to give them the desired shape. This type of CNC machining is used for parts that do not require as much precision as the lathe and milling cutter. This CNC machining performs cuts by water, laser and plasma.
  • There are CNC routers that are used to make cuts in materials such as 3D printers.

Our machining company in Barcelona, ​​Mecánica Curiel, uses machining centers where milling, turning and grinding operations are combined in the same machine. We also use CNC machining center for roughing, semi-finishing or parts finishing with automatic changeover heads, as some parts require different machining and certain finishes.

Our products and services are worked from the seriousness, the professionalism and the commitment that the final result will be to the satisfaction of both parties, with the total certainty that the final product responds to the exigencies of every product of quality that is worth.

We are a mechanized company of Barcelona of more than 40 years with the latest developments of technology and CNC machinery, if you want to contact us you will receive a treatment and a personalized service and the complete advice that you deserve.